Possibly one of the fastest-growing trends in the cannabis industry is the rapidly expanding CBD market. If you operate in the health, wellness, and beauty sector, you cannot ignore the impact that cannabidiol products are having. From beverages to beauty aids, pet products to insect repellents, CBD is finding its way into many of the items we use, make, and buy on a day-to-day basis. And as the benefits of CBD become more apparent, we also see a growing need for reliable products that brand away from the ‘stoner’ stigma. 

Consumers are learning that CBD products are far different from the typical psychoactive substances that we have been preview to in the last century. Instead of a typical head high, most patients are gaining relief for their pains and ailments using these products as medicine for both themselves and their pets. This growing audience is only driving the cannabis industry further as companies expand into new sectors and away from the standard marijuana culture. 

Sales of CBD products are expected to grow at 147% during the period from 2018 to 2022 and that prediction is only increasing every day. In fact, the Hemp Business Journal doubled down on their 2022 estimation that bioplastics would bring in $27 million in revenue after new legislation for the drug was signed into law last year. With the recent passing of the farm bill, the floodgates have opened for hemp markets and all that they encompass. And because CBD is no longer classified alongside THC as a class 1 substance it has a lot less regulation surrounding its production, packaging, and sale. 


CBD packaging has taken a very different turn from its THC counterparts. Without the need for child-resistant containers and excessive labeling, we are seeing many companies branding outside of the norms that have attracted stoners and recreational users in the past. Dube tubes, canisters, and wax containers are seldom seen around cannabidiol. Instead, it’s being infused, isolated, and mixed into daily goods like food and drinks that can appeal to a larger crowd. 

The newest CBD lines feel more familiar to the common household products that we are used to, but brands still yearn to stand out from their competitors and remembered by their buyers. This is why packaging is so important. It says a lot about the company it represents and offers an opportunity to connect with consumers and strengthen their loyalty. In this burgeoning industry, there are little to no long-established and dominant brands - leaving room for startups to grab a piece of the action while it’s ripe. 


Finding a trustworthy packaging company to support demand is key to growing a successful CBD brand. The process should be streamlined, clean, cost-effective, and unique. Consumers can often see through cheap containers and hastily boxed medicine. So it’s important to build a strong relationship with an experienced packaging company. Teams like Alpha Packaging have been helping both in and out of the Cannabis industry for years and their in-house designers and engineers can work to create custom packaging that is trustworthy and eye-catching, compliant and stunning. This means you can focus your energy on other parts of your business while knowing that your packaging is reliable. And the importance of packaging appeal is heavily backed in a study by the National Paper and Packaging Board - 72% of consumers state their purchasing decisions are influenced by packaging design. That’s a lot of pressure to ensure that your products are sexy. 


But that's not the whole story... it cannot be ignored that the Global market is also yearning for environmentally conscious and sustainable goods of all types. It’s no longer just a trend to ‘save the environment’ - it’s become a lifestyle for many, and big business for those trying to gain an edge on the market. Competing to stay more clever and innovative than your counterparts is a strong and calculated strategy that consumers take notice of. 

This is due, in part, by acknowledging that a large portion of consumers are wholesome millennials who are dedicated to shifting the way in which we use our limited resources. They want their cannabis products to reflect that lifestyle. So if your brand is centered around natural and holistic approaches to medicine - it might make sense to start talking a conversation about reflecting that idea throughout your production line as well.

Alpha can help facilitate that dialogue and give you more information about ‘going green’ with your packaging. They create bottles and jars from plant-based and recyclable PET and HDPE resins on a day-to-day basis. Their cost-effective, perform better than traditional plastics and have the benefit of being eco-friendly. They have made it easy to design a product line designed for consumers looking for sustainable alternatives to traditional plastics, and it’s companies like these that are helping adapt and evolve the industry in a modern and more conscious world.


The proof of the value of your products is no doubt reflected in its packaging. Take the time to design and market in a way that defines and communicates your brand's message - it’s the first impression that you have with your audience when they enter a store packed with CBD products of every type and flavor, so make it count. Make it unique and you’re sure to succeed.

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